Inline-Alpine & FC Chammünster

What is Inline-Alpine?

Originally invented as an effective Summer Training for Alpine Skiers Inline-Alpine has
emerged into a fully indepented sport. Imagine a Ski Race, replace the slope by a steep
road and the Skis by Inline Skates and what you get is a thrilling summer sports
competition including guaranteed action for the spectators.

FC Chammünster – Ski & Inline

Since the early stages of this young sports, the FCC has been an integral part of it. Up from the mid- 90s, the club´s Ski & inline department have been active race organisers and can now look back on some fantastic events.

Without doubt the highlights being: The Hotex- Inline- Alpine European Cup 2004 and the
Hotex- Inline- Alpine- European Championships 2007, attracting more than 3000 spectators each.

This intense commitment within the club has also led to some great achievements by its  athletes. Here are just a few of the national and international titles celebrated by the FCC`s team.

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successful work with young athletes

Here are just a few of the national and international titles celebrated by the FCC's team.

  • European Cup: Overall winner are Claudia Wittmann and Mathias Mertens (both FC Chammünster).
  • European Champs in Cham/GER: A unbelievable EM-win for Claudia Wittmann und Mathias Mertens.
  • Juniors-EM in Lungern/SUI: Claudia Wittmann und Sebastian Gruber ( both FCC) win the Juniors-Champs.
  • Juniors EM in Hergiswil/SUI: Vice-European title for Susanne Weber und 3rd place for Franzi Ries.
  • EM: Mathias Mertens win the European Championships.
  • European Cup: Overall win for Mathias Mertens.
  • DM: German Champs title for Sebastian Gruber und Susanne Weber.
  • DM: German Champs title for Susanne Weber, Sebastian Gruber and Sigi Zistler in SL and GS, Claudia Wittmann in SL.
  • WIAC-Worldcup: Overall win for Claudia Wittmann and Sebastian Gruber.
  • WM: Unterensingen/GER - 12th of September 2010 - Sebastian Gruber is the new World Champion.
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